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MedRx Imaging



In Dental Exams, the tooth has been cleaned and blood is present on the gum.

Otoscopy demonstrates a tear in the ear drum, very visible in this picture.

The next image, Tracheoscopy, shows a view down an animal's trachea, or wind pipe.

The last image in this group, Biopsies, shows a veterinarian removing a biopsy, or small section, from a larger cancerous mass for submission to a lab for microscopic diagnosis.



 Dental Exams


Tracheoscopy  Biopsies



Dermatology shows an enlarged image of an area of skin inflammation on the pet's vulvar wall.

Laparoscopy is a procedure in which the doctor makes an incision into the abdomen of a sick animal in an attempt to develop a diagnosis of that pet's illness.  Using a MedRx Imaging scope, the size of the incision is greatly reduced and visibility is greatly increased, substantially decreasing the trauma to the pet.  In this case, you are looking into the abdomen and see the urinary bladder in the center, surrounded by a triangle of other tissue.

In the Ophthamology image, the veterinarian is preparing to look deeper into the pet's eye.  Before doing this, the animal is given an general anesthetic or a topical anesthetic is dropped into it's eye.

Vaginoscopy is used to visualize the inside of a pet's vulva and vagina for possible cancers or reproductive problems.



Dermatology Laparoscopy Ophthamology Vaginoscopy